Stop the EU regulators war against Microsoft

The EU regultors seem to think that they can decide what is best for the citizens of the EU (irrespective of how people actually act), to the level that they are now stating that the fact that the Windows Vista-N packaging (without Media Player) did not sell hardly any units vs the full version with Media Player means that the soluiton did not generate sufficient competition!
How ridiculous can you get – it simply meant that users chose to purchase the full package and then decide what else they might want to install!
Microsoft are now in the position whereby they are making a special version of Windows 7 (E) for Europe with Internet Explorer REMOVED (yes, that’s right, no Internet browser included) to be able to comply with the EU regulators!
And the regulators appear to want more – they seem to be demanding Microsoft add a "voting screen" to list "available" browsers for download. How this list is developed and maintained, I don’t know and will this be another "I’m not on the list therefore MS have to give me some money"…. AND what about the support implications of this?
I’m sure manufacturers such as BMW would be really glad if they were told that they had to provide a choice of built-in sat nav/audio systems for their cars!
It also seems strange that, given the need for so much compteition, Apple and Google aren’t in their sights as well – Apple with its monopoly with the iPod/iTunes and Google with its monopoly of search!
So, if you feel that the EU regulators seem to be in open warfare with Microsoft (possibly BECAUSE they are not European) and are damaging the consumers position in this – making the use of computers harder not easier – please add you signature.




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